Real talk: We’re writing a few blog posts in a vain attempt to help more cross-stitchers find our website (and maybe buy some stuff). It’s what the Internet tells us will work to “boost our SEO”.

If you have already discovered us, you’ve probably also already bought whichever of our designs made you snort-laugh or think “This is perfect for <insert really cool person in my life who also enjoys old-timey crafts>” when you first saw them. 

And we haven’t designed a new pattern since we first made those free patterns at the beginning of lockdown. And, honestly, our new pattern production rate was inconsistent and unpredictable before that. 

So, since “No New Patterns => No Return Customers”, we have to make ourselves more findable by those elusive New Customers... or else we’ll be using these kit bags for our kids’ lunches until they graduate with their PhDs. (Fun fact: our kit bags are FDA and USDA compliant and suitable for packing snacks! *Disclaimer: nothing in our kits is actually edible.*)

Of course, if you’ve found this blog because you were searching for some cross-stitching help, we do hope that what we have here is helpful. If it’s not, please don’t use our contact page to complain -- we’re doing our best and that’s not a lot.

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