Um… Which Kit Should I Get?

Great question. Which kit should you get? 

Another great question is, “It shouldn’t be this complicated” (which actually isn’t a question, but we’ll let it stand). 

Also: “What is a needle minder?

If this is your first cross-stitching rodeo, you’ll probably want to pick a Beyond Basic Kit in a design from our Full Stitch Kit collection or a Mini Stitch Kit. These kits include a hoop and needle, as well as everything else that you’ll need for your new hobby (other than scissors and patience).

If you already have your own needle and embroidery hoop stained with blood and tears from past projects, the Basic Kits from our Full Stitch Kit collection are an option - these kits include just the pattern, fabric, and thread for the design. 

A couple other things to note: 

  • Most of the designs for our Full Stitch Kits canNOT be framed with a 5” hoop, so if you get one of these, you’ll be able to reuse the hoop from the Beyond Basic Kit for future needlework projects. (Ancillary question: “Well then, what DO I use to frame my finished project???!!” Well, we're working on a post about that.)
  • Our Mini Stitch Kits are designed as ornaments, which means you’ll use the 3” hoop to frame your finished piece and won’t have it to reuse for future projects. 

Oh, and a needle minder is a cute magnet thing that you stick your needle to when you’re not using it to (slightly) decrease the chances of losing it forever. Well, less “losing it forever” and more “having to crawl around on the floor with your phone flashlight on to find it when you accidentally knock it off the table”. You don’t need a needle minder - you can always stick the needle back in the paper backing that it comes in or put it through the edge of your fabric - but like why not. It cute. 

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